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Duties and Responsibilities: The Broadcast Media Department is charged with the task of delivering
information and news about Macomb Township in multiple media forms, including but not limited to, cable television (Macomb Township Government Access (M.T.G.A.) on Comcast (Channel 5) and AT&T Uverse, the official Macomb Township website and other forms of media as needed.

Web On-Demand
*Please note we intend to have board meetings uploaded by 9am the Friday after a Wednesday night meeting.  If the meeting is long then the upload and indexing process will take longer.  Thank you for your patience.  We hope you have enjoyed viewing the meetings on-line.  All videos are now available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Contact Us:

Jim Gillis, Broadcast Media Director

Postal Address:

54111 Broughton Road

Macomb, MI 48042

Media Center Location:
51190 Alma Drive

(Behind Fire Station #1 in the front

half of old Macomb Township Hall)
Telephone: (586) 226-4203

Fax: (586) 226-4230

Media Department Overview

To download this weeks playback schedule please click here.

Click here to view the Macomb Township Board of Trustees meetings.

To order a DVD copy of a MTGA program click here to download and print the dub request form.

To check out promos and short form programming from MTGA on our YouTube channel click here.

To file a complaint with the MPSC (1-800-292-9555) about cable please click here for more info.

Replay schedule for Macomb Township Board of Trustee Meetings on Comcast (Ch. 5) and
AT&T.  Meetings will air un-edited and open sessions are covered gavel-to-gavel.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm, Fridays at 10pm and Saturdays at Noon.

only search macomb-mi.gov

  1. Responsible for cable TV production and maintenance of electronic messaging system for all
    Macomb Township original productions including meetings, events and informational programs to be broadcast.
  2. To provide technical services and assistance to all departments in support of cable TV programs to inform residents about various programs or services offered by Macomb Township.
  3. To provide when possible production capabilities, assistance and/or cooperation in the production of select area high school sporting events.
  4. To provide when possible an outlet and if also feasible lend our production capabilities to select
    County, State & Federal representatives and institutions serving the residents of Macomb Township.
  5. To assist in the professional development and maintenance of the Macomb Township website.
  6. To assist other Macomb Township departments in creating documents or programs to communicate information to the residents.
  7. To assist when resources are available in the development of Macomb Township intra-office
    communications, presentations or programs.