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Annual Financial Reports for
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M.I.T.N. BidNet vendor letter click here for more info.

Purchasing Mission Statement:
The mission of the Purchasing Section is to procure goods and services at the lowest competitive price and to maintain quality standards in those purchases while acting in the township's best interest.

The procurement of goods and services is an integral part of the quality control procedures currently being applied to all levels of the administration.  Several policies and new procedures are in place to ensure that all requisitions enroute to purchasing are screened for compliance along the way.

The issues involving ethical standards of purchasing are constantly being monitored to maintain the highest level of standards.

How To Do Business with Macomb Township:
Macomb Township utilizes one central bid notification system, servicing all departments of Macomb Township, through the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network (M.I.T.N.) Purchasing Cooperative.  To register, please click here. 

Created in conjunction with BidNet®,  this system is available for registration and is used by Macomb Township and many other local Michigan governmental agencies to post bids, quotes, requests for proposals, construction notices, addenda, and awards including tabulations.  This centralized system offers vendors a single point of contact and broader access to new business opportunities throughout our region.  For more information on the M.I.T.N. system click here.
Surplus auctions include items from a number of participating agencies such as vehicles, equipment, computers and office furniture.  There is no fee to bid on surplus auctions and it is open to all.
Click here for surplus auctions items.

Frequently Asked Questions about Finance:

Q.  What is the Townships fiscal year?
A.  The Townships fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th.

Q.  How long will it take to receive a refund of a deposit, bond or amount owed from the Township?
A.  The Township processes bills in conjunction with the Township Board meetings held the second and forth Wednesday of each month.  You can expect to have a refund check approved and released on the Friday following the meeting (provided your amount owed has been placed in the bill-run).

Q.  How can I be assured that my tax dollars are being utilized properly?
A.  The best assurance the resident can receive is that the Township financial activities are audited annually.   The audit is conducted in accordance with Government Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States.  Audit results are forwarded to the State Treasurer’s office no later than December 30th of the following fiscal year. Copies are made available in the Township Clerks office upon request.

Q.  Why doesn’t the Township utilize funds in reserve in the Water Department or Fire Department to pay for other services and reduce my tax rate?
A.  Municipalities are restricted to utilize its funding resources based on the funds for which they are collected.   We account for funds collected separately using the fund accounting method.  With the exception of some usage by the general fund, all other funds must remain independent of one another.  For instance, if money is collected for use in the Fire Department and they do not use all the money in that fiscal year, the Township cannot use the reserve to hire a police officer or build a playground.  Any excess of funds that are collected go into what is called a fund balance.  A separate fund balance is kept for each fund and is reflected in the Townships audit reports. Townships are restricted to utilize fund balances to try to enhance services in the future for the function it was originally collected for.

Q.  How and when can I get the Township budget report?
A.  The Township budget process begins with submission of preliminary budgets from Department Heads to the Township Supervisor each year.  They are then under the Supervisor's discretion and a proposed budget is presented to the Township Board Members.  The budget must then be adopted at a public meeting held prior to July 1st each year.  Click here for a PDF copy of the current budget.

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