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Contact Us:
Chief Robert Phillips, EFO
Postal Address:

16820 25 Mile Road
Macomb, MI 48042

Telephone (586) 677-1262
Fax (586) 677-1385

In an Emergency

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Paid-On-Call Firefighter E-mail Exchange.

Mission Statement:  The Macomb Township Fire Department, Through Progressive Training, Organization and Teamwork will help Educate, Protect and Serve Our Community.

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FREE Smoke Detectors
Macomb Township residents who are in need of a smoke detector can pick one up free of charge at
Fire Station #3 located at 47711 North Ave, on the East side of North Ave. between 21 and 22 Mile Rd.

Outside Burning Ordinance and Burn Permit Application
Macomb Township has an open burning ordinance which must be reviewed here prior to submitting
an application for a permit to burn.  Click here to view permit and ordinance.

Permit applications can be filled out and then hand delivered to Fire Administrative offices located in Fire Station #4 at 25 Mile Road and Romeo Plank, 16820 25 Mile Rd., or you may print, sign, scan and email the completed application to majorn@macomb-mi.gov.

Note: Permit is not valid until a permit number is issued and application is signed by administration.
Allow 2-3 business days to process.

BUSINESS HOURS (8am– 4pm): 586-677-1262
AFTER 4pm & WEEKENDS: 586-286-1211

Hazardous Materials Inventory Sheet (HMIS)
- Click here for form.
The document utilized to report hazardous materials to the local fire department, as required by local,
state and federal laws.
  Submit completed HMIS forms to fireprevention@macomb-mi.gov.

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Station #1
19925 23 Mile Road
Phone: (586) 286-0027
Fax: (586) 286-0589
Station #2
17800 21 Mile Road
Phone: (586) 286-0030
Fax: (586) 286-2453
Station #3
47711 North Avenue
Phone: (586) 949-2138
Fax: (586) 949-5269
Station #4
16820 25 Mile Road
Phone: (586) 677-1262
Fax: (586) 677-1385
Photo of Station #1
Photo of Station #2
Photo of Station #3
Photo of Station #4

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Why does my smoke alarm sound when it’s cold outside?
Your smoke alarm may sound when it’s very cold outside, or if a door adjacent to a heated area is opened, like in an entryway.  This is due to condensation (water vapor) in the detection chamber.
The sensor is a particle sensing device, when water condenses in the sensor the unit will go into alarm.  The operating temperature of a smoke alarm is between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit
(4-38 degrees Celsius).  If the unit is in a garage or attic, you should consider replacing it with a heat
alarm which is not affected by condensation. 

Guide to Calling 9-1-1

9-1-1 Picture
Click here.
Brought to you by the
National 9-1-1 Education Coalition.

http://www.sparky.org/ Kids Fire Safety:
For fire safety games and learning tools visit Sparky the Fire Dog at Sparky.org

To watch National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) videos
click here

Fire & Life Safety Tips:

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