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Mission Statement: Macomb Township Water and Sewer Department is dedicated to the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the community.  Our goal is meet and exceed all Federal, State and Local requirements in providing the highest quality of drinking water, fire protection flows and the most efficient sewage disposal system.

Macomb Township Water & Sewer Department provides drinking water to approximately 26,750 metered customers in the 36 square mile area.  The systems water is drawn from three master meters.  Two along 24 Mile Road, one at Romeo Plank Road and the other at Card Road, and one at Fairchild Road and 21 Mile Road.  The water traversing through the master meters is supplied and purchased from the City of Detroit, otherwise known as DWSD.

Contacts Us:

Gerry Wangelin, Superintendent
Edward Koenig, Assistant Superintendent
Postal Address: 51650 Card Road
Macomb, MI 48042
Telephone: (586) 598-0687
Emergency Telephone: (586) 598-1790
Fax: (586) 598-9172

There is a convenience fee for the debit card or credit card options ***(Please note credit and debit payments are limited to amounts less than $1,000).  Fund transfers from a bank account are available with NO convenience fees.  Please have your bill handy when going on-line to pay.  Debit/credit cards can only be used on-line.  Water and Sewer bill example click here.
Payments must be made before 7:00pm to be posted for the same day, payments made after 7:00pm will be posted the next day.  You can also pay your water and sewer bill by phone at 877-264-5676.

Pay Water and Sewer

Payment options for water and sewer bills
Cash, checks, money orders, automatic withdrawal payment, fund transfers, debit or credit cards are now accepted as payment for water and sewer bills.  You must pre-register for the automatic withdrawal payment option.  For information about the automatic withdrawal payment option please click here to review and print the application.

Water and Sewer Billing

Every customer of the water and sewer system receives a bill every three months.  These bills are in envelope form on white stock and are sent to each customer via first class bulk mail.  A return envelope is provided and payments are due usually by the 24th through the 28th of the month received.  If payment is not received by the due date, it is considered late and a 5% penalty is automatically applied.  If payment is not received, a shut off order may be issued and representatives from the water and sewer department visit the customer and a notice of service termination is left at the door. In order to have your service reinstated, the Macomb Township Treasurer must receive full payment including a $25.00 turn on fee in cash form.  Once payment is received, then the service will be reinstated with the presence of the customer to assure there are no leaks in the building.  An alternative to the shut off process is transferring delinquent balances to the winter tax and this process is usually started around the first of October every year (this process is not reversible).

To view a sample water bill click the photo to the right.
Water Bill Image

For more information about the calculation of your water & sewer bill click here.

Macomb Township is supplied water from the DWSD Lake Huron treatment plant.  The Macomb Township Water and Sewer Department maintains its water system with approximately 21 professionally certified employees to maintain the distribution system.  Weekly bacteriological samples are collected throughout the distribution system and delivered to a certified laboratory at DWSD.

The Water Quality Report is now available to residents by clicking here.

How to Read Your Meter

One revolution of the large red needle on the dial is one cubic foot.
100 revolutions on the meter dial indicate 100 cubic feet.  This is considered as one unit on your water bill.  Water and sewer is charged at $6.32 per unit or per 100 cubic feet

Small red dial in motion indicates
water movement through meter.
This is a helpful tool when
checking your system for leaks.


•  1 cubic foot equals 7.5 gallons.

•  100 cubic feet equals 750 gallons

•  100 cubic feet equals one unit on your water bill.

Water Restrictions Info:

Macomb Township has implemented a mandatory odd/even lawn watering restriction, effective May 15 through October 15.  Water customers with an address ending in an odd number are to water on odd calendar days and those with an address ending in an even number are to water on even calendar days. Automatic lawn and/or landscaping irrigation is prohibited between the hours of 5:00am and 11:00pm.  This will ensure adequate water pressure for potable use and fire protection.  If conditions warrant DWSD in conjunction with Macomb Township will impose mandatory water restrictions.  Macomb Township monitors system pressures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to maintain a safe water system.  Strict enforcement is required to keep our operating pressure safe.
Click here for ordinance.

                   Using Water Responsibly


Lawn Maintenance Tips:

Water thoroughly, but not to often, about one inch per week. Use short on/off sprinkler cycles.  This allows your lawn time to absorb water.  Water early in the morning to reduce evaporation.  Please water lawn only, not the pavement.  Do not water in rainy or windy weather.  Keep your grass 1-3 inches long.  Grass this length will shade the roots, requiring less water and mowing and allows the root system to become deeper and more efficient.  Click here for more info.

Metering Outdoor Water Usage:

The department does not provide separate meters for lawn irrigation and outdoor water use. Instead, we provide a 40-unit break for sewage cost on your bill.  Any usage on your water bill over 40 units will be charged for water only.  This method will save you money and responsibilities for maintaining a second meter.  The department can provide you with a detailed report of your account and your expenses for a second meter service.


Save Water and Money:

There are many ways to conserve water.  You should watch for leaks in your home system.  These leaks can add to as much as a dollar per day and hundreds of dollars per year to your water bill.  Leaky faucets, faulty toilets, over watering of lawns and faulty water activated sump pumps are some examples of fixtures that can produce exorbitant bills.  If you think you have a leak in your home, you should find the leak as quickly as possible and contact a plumbing agency to have the leak repaired.  Macomb Township cannot adjust your water bill for water that was wasted by water leaks.  Knowing how to read your water meter is important.  This will tell you exactly the amount of water you use. 

Before you dig, call MISS DIG at 1-800-482-7171
Before you put that shovel or spade in the ground in your yard or make any major improvements on your property, you must know were all your utilities are located.  Utilities can be buried from 2 inches to more than 10 foot in depth and can be located anywhere on your property.  There is an agency called MISS DIG, which is a toll free phone call and provides you a free service to locate these utilities.  We ask that you call MISS DIG before you dig.  It will save costly repairs for the utilities and may save your life .
Miss Dig

Water and Sewer Permits

In order to obtain Township water and/or sanitary sewer service, a permit must be acquired.  A water and/or sewer permit has several components to the document, which will vary the cost of the permit.  Two key elements are tap fees (size of service) and frontage fees (total front footage of your property).  If you have not paid for your frontage fees by a Special Assessment in the past, then a frontage fee for water and/or sewer will be applied at the time of permit.  The department also provides a lien service for the frontage fees; this is a payment plan, which enables you to make yearly payments for up to 10 years with interest.  Permits for water and/or sewer can be obtained at the Department of Water and Sewer located at 51650 Card Road, just north of 23 Mile Road.

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