Town Center Plan

The following is an excerpt from the 2002 Macomb Township Master Plan.

Township Center

Macomb Township, like many other fast growing communities, does not have a central identification area that can be called the "downtown" or township center. The earlier Master Plans for the Township (1972, 1988, 1994 and 1999) provided for such an area with the Township offices providing the central focal point.

The planning philosophy supporting this approach has remained the same in terms of providing the Township with a Township Center. Uses planned for such an area include the Township Offices, business offices, commercial facilities, a higher density of residential areas and recreation and open spaces. The purpose of this blend of uses is to create activity and to promote a central area that can be called Macomb Township.

Master Plan

The Master Plan further provides that the Township place emphasis upon the completion of road improvements, provisions of necessary utilities and the establishment of a Macomb Downtown Development Authority to promote the Macomb Township Center. The specifics of this Plan are spelled out in an overall plan (Macomb Township Center - Community Master Plan) prepared by Macomb Township.

It is the intention of the Master Plan to maintain and reinforce the authentic historical and town characteristics of Macomb Township. All development must be made to a strictly adhere to the proposed architectural codes and standards in order to create a unique and consistent environment for the Macomb Township Center.

The implementation of goals of the Township Center should be made through the development of a special overlay zoning option and the adoption of the proposed Plan, increased density, the preservation of open space and natural features and integration of commercial uses, within a central "hub," can be achieved with Macomb Township.

Regulating Plan & Conceptual Site Plan

Town Center Full Map

Town Center Full Map

Northwest Quadrant

Northwest Quadrant Town Center

Northeast Quadrant

Northeast Quadrant Town Center

Southwest Quadrant

Southwest Quadrant Town Center

Southeast Quadrant

Southeast Quadrant Town Center