Road Construction Updates



Residents who have questions about road maintenance and snow removal on their local roads must contact the Macomb County Department of Roads (MCDR), at 586-463-8671.

Macomb County Department of Roads Traffic Operations Center (TOC).  Under the direction of the Macomb County Traffic Department, the TOC serves as the hub of activity for operation, maintenance and monitoring of the various countywide deployments of advanced traffic signal systems, cameras and overall Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) communications network. This includes, but is not limited to, real time traffic operations monitoring (unplanned and planned events), traffic flow, signal operations and special event coordination.
Macomb County pothole brochure click here.

Macomb County Conditions and Costs

This interactive tool has been designed to share Macomb County's road data with the public. Information regarding roadway jurisdiction, funding, current projects and programs can all be explored. Interactive maps have been included to highlight pavement condition and 2018 road projects.  Click here to view the GIS portal.

How to Use a Roundabout

State of Michigan is installing rounadabouts to improve safety and reduce congestion in certain intersections. This video demonstrates the proper use of a roundabout, whether you are a motorist, bicyclist or pedestrian.

23 Mile Road from Fairchild to North Avenue

Road work is expected to begin in May. The road will be widened from a two-lane road to five lanes throughout this one mile stretch.

25 Mile Road and Romeo Plank New Roundabout

Work is also scheduled to begin later in the year on adding a roundabout at the westerly intersection of Romeo Plank and 25 Mile Roads. Romeo Plank has a split intersection on 25 Mile Road and the easterly roundabout was completed in 2016.

25 Mile Road Between Foss and Card Roads CLOSED

The Bridge is completely shut down until funding, design, and new construction take place. Detours: Foss side of bridge (west side) Use Foss Road South or to head west use 25 Mile Road or Broughton Road north to 26 Mile Road.  Eastside of bridge closure: Head east to Card Road and North to 26 Mile Road.  Card Road south is closed as bridge on Card Road has been closed for years.

M-59 Improvement Project provides information on the M-59 road work scheduled for 2018.  Work will include replacing all concrete with new asphalt, improving drainage, upgrading ramps and sidewalks to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and new sidewalks will be added to fill in the missing gaps along M-59.  New modern traffic signals, sign replacement, enhanced landscaping, and other aesthetic improvements are planned as well.
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