Broadcast Media

Duties & Responsibilities

The Broadcast Media Department is charged with the task of delivering information and news about Macomb Township in multiple media forms, including but not limited to, cable television (Macomb Township Government Access (M.T.G.A.) on Comcast (Channel 5) and AT&T U-verse (Channel 99), the official Macomb Township website and other forms of media as needed.  We are also charged with the task of maintaining the Township website.

Board Meeting Videos

Please note we intend to have board meetings uploaded by 9am the Friday after a Wednesday night meeting. If the meeting is long, the upload and indexing process will take longer. Thank you for your patience. We hope you have enjoyed viewing the meetings online.  If you want a DVD copy of a Macomb Township meeting that has been recorded they can be obtained through the FOIA process.

AT+T Property Damage Claims Help

Whether you need to track a claim filed by an AT&T representative or file a new claim, AT+T has got you covered.  Click here for instructions and phone number (1-800-894-0374).
MTGA YouTube Channel
You can access our YouTube channel and live meeting feeds by clicking here.  Be sure to subscribe.