Trash Services FAQs

1. Why do we have new garbage collection rates - Effective October 1, 2023? 

Last year, the Township's existing waste hauler contract expired. The Township solicited bids through an open bidding process in compliance with our purchasing policy. Green for Life Environmental was awarded the contract after an extensive review process that showed GFL's proposal was the lowest cost to residents. The new waste hauler contract offers a different rate structure as set by GFL. 

2. What discounts are available? 

Senior 60+ Rate $15.90 per month base rate
Veteran Discount 3%
Annual Prepay 3%
Auto Pay/Electronic Pay 3%

For more information on discounts, see Service Rates sheet.

3. How do I get the discount(s)?

Veterans and Seniors wanting to receive the appropriate discounts can apply to GFL by filling out the Veterans and Senior Discount Application Form. This form can be printed from the Macomb Township website and submitted at the Township Treasurer's Office inside Town Hall (54111 Broughton Road). Along with the appropriate identification, these forms can also be submitted to GFL directly at

Residents who want to receive the Annual Pre-Pay Discount from GFL must log into their GFL account and manually input the 3% discounted rate price to receive the discount, call GFL, or send a check to GFL. The Annual Pre-Payments will be due by October 1 each year to receive the discount. Residents who want to receive the Electronic Payment Discount can sign up for the online bill pay through GFL's website. You do not need to sign up for electronic invoicing to receive the Electronic Payment Discount. 

4. Why did the Senior (Ages 60+) rate increase with the October 1, 2023 contract? 

Through the bidding process, new service rates and discount amounts were set by GFL with the new contract, including the senior service rate.

5. Why am I receiving my October 2023 invoice in September 2023? 

Due to the new contract with GFL, residents will be receiving their October, November, and December 2023 invoices in September. Residents will have 45 days to pay their invoice. 

6. Why am I receiving my January 2024 through March 2024 invoice right after my October 2023 through December 2023 invoice has been paid? 

Due to the new contract with GFL, residents will be receiving an invoice for January, February and March 2024 this November after they have paid their October, November, and December 2023 invoice. Residents will have 45 days to pay this invoice. 

7. How do I pay my bill? 

Residents can pay their bills either over the phone, online with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express or through mail. Residents can call GFL at (586)210-6433 to pay over the phone. Mailed payments should be sent directly to the GFL Payment Center at the address listed below: 

GFL Environmental
P.O. Box 791519
Baltimore, MD 21279-1519

8. Are my rates going to change again? 

Rates will increase annually on October 1st per the schedule.  The rates for the new 5-year service contract with GFL are approved and can be viewed on the Township website under

9. Can I opt out of the new GFL service contract? 

Owners of single-family homes/units in Macomb Township are not able to opt out of the Township service contract with GFL. Per Township Ordinance Sec. 8-28.-Services Provided. The Township, through its designated waste hauler, will provide the curb side collection of mixed refuse, recyclables, and yard waste. 

10. What do I do if my residence is vacant, either temporarily or permanently? And who do I notify? 

Temporary Vacant Residential Dwelling Units: An owner/occupant of a single-family residential dwelling unit that intends to temporarily vacate the dwelling unit for a period of at least thirty (30) days shall notify GFL before the service is to be discontinued. The owner/occupant must discontinue service for a minimum of thirty (30) days. If the residential dwelling unit will be vacant for more than thirty (30) days, the owner/occupant must provide the authorized waste hauler with adequate documentation verifying the vacancy. The quarterly collection charge will be prorated during the temporary vacancy. Temporary vacancy service may not exceed ninety (90) days annually. 

Permanently Vacant Dwelling Units: An owner/occupant of a single-family residential dwelling unit that will be permanently vacant shall notify GFL, in writing, of the effective date of the vacancy. Upon receipt of the notice, the waste hauler will discontinue all service to the dwelling unit and not resume service until it is notified, in writing, that the dwelling unit will be occupied. 

11. How do I order a free garbage cart from GFL? 

All residential households that did not have a leased cart in the previous contract ending on September 30, 2023, can call GFL at (586)210-6433 and request a FREE 95 gal. or 65 gal. trash cart. 

12. What type of carts does GFL sell? How much is it to purchase a cart from GFL? 

Trash Cart: 95 gallons, $96.00 
Recycling Cart: 65 gallons, $86.00
Yard Waste Cart: 65 gallons, $86.00 / 95 gallons, $96.00 

13. How does leasing a cart from GFL work? 

Residents can lease a cart from GFL at a rate of $2.00 per month. The lease fee would expire 48 months after you place your initial order. However, as the contract gets closer to the end of the agreement, the monthly lease fee would increase based on the number of months remaining in the agreement. 

The monthly base fee is calculated at a rate of $96.00 (95-gallon cart) and $86.00 (65-gallon cart). Once the base fee is paid in full, the cart is the sole property of the homeowner. 

14. What happens to my leased cart prior to this new contract beginning October 1, 2023? 

Any cart that was leased prior to the starting of the new contract on October 1, 2023, becomes the property of that homeowner and no other fees will be collected.  Residents that previously leased a cart are unable to obtain a free cart from GFL.

15. Can a multi-family residential organization or association opt into the Macomb Township negotiated contract? Who do I contact? 

A multiple family residential organization or association may now take advantage of the rates established in the Oct 1st, 2023, contract with GFL. Contact GFL at (586)210-6433 or (844)464-3587.