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1. What code is currently in effect for Macomb Township?
2. Can I pull a permit for work done on my own property?
3. Whom do I report a violation of my subdivision association rules to?
4. Where can I find current flood insurance rates/maps (FIRMs)?
5. I or my builder paid $2,000 bond for finish grading. When does that have to be completed and when is my money returned?
6. My sidewalk is cracked. Whom do I contact to fix it?
7. Whom do I direct concerns or questions about mold/mildew?
8. Do I need a permit to cut down a tree on my property?
9. How do I pay for my Building Permit?
10. Can I move boxes into my home before final approval?
11. Where do I obtain a copy of my homeowners association by-laws?
12. Can I get a permit for a shed, deck, pool, fence, etc., before my house has a final Certificate of Occupancy?
13. Do I need a building permit to replace my roof?
14. How long does it take to receive my permit once I apply?
15. Can I use a mortgage survey in place of a plot plan?
16. I have a vacant lot near me that is overgrown with weeds and standing water. Where do I go for help?
17. There is a home being built next door to me with debris all over. Whom do I call?
18. The streets in my subdivision are very dirty. Whom do I call to get them cleaned?
19. Can I fax or email my Building Permit application?
20. Where do I place my mailbox?