Job Openings

Any open position will be listed on this website and may be advertised in the Macomb Daily and/or a related professional media publication. In addition, positions are advertised on, professional associations, trade journals, LinkedIn, Indeed and direct mail if for a specialized or technical field.

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All applications are maintained on file for 1 year from the date of submission. Solicited resumes will also be maintained for 1 year. Unsolicited resumes received by the Township may or may not be used in the recruitment process for open positions.

Full-Time Employment

Macomb Township accepts employment applications for "open jobs" as listed on this website or as advertised for a specified period of time. Most entry level positions are for clerical, assessing, building and labor positions. Vacancies in higher level positions are generally filled from within and in consideration of provisions found in an applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Management and Supervisory positions are advertised on this website, the Macomb Daily or in professional trade publications.

Part-Time Employment Opportunities

Macomb Township has part-time employment opportunities available throughout the year. In general, these positions are available in our Parks and Recreation Department and typically are listed as lifeguards, center attendants, leaders and assistants, and senior citizen coordinators. Interested individuals should refer to the section of the website and can apply here.

Additionally, the Township may hire students for part-time opportunities during the summer months to support other departments such as Water and Sewer. These employment opportunities when available will be listed under Human Resources.