Water & Sewer Payments

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Water & Sewer Billing

Every customer of the water and sewer system receives a bill every 3 months. These bills are in envelope form on white stock and are sent to each customer via first class bulk mail. A return envelope is provided and payments are due usually by the 24th through the 28th of the month received.

Late Payments

If payment is not received by the due date, it is considered late and a 5% penalty is automatically applied. If payment is not received, a shut off order may be issued and representatives from the water and sewer department visit the customer and a notice of service termination is left at the door. In order to have your service reinstated, the Macomb Township Treasurer must receive full payment including a $25 turn on fee in cash form. Once payment is received, then the service will be reinstated with the presence of the customer to assure there are no leaks in the building.

Charges for water supply and/or wastewater disposal services shall be a lien upon the premises served as provided by statute. Alternatively, the unpaid water supply and/or wastewater disposal service charges may be certified to the taxes against the premises served and collected or returned in the same manner as other county or municipal taxes are certified, assessed, collected and returned as provided by statute. The process of transferring delinquent balances to the winter tax bill happen on approximately October 1st of every year and be subject to a 15% transfer fee (this process is not reversible).
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Water and Sewer Usage Search

To track your usage of water and sewer go to Utility Billing Search and search by your address by clicking here.