Adult Softball Leagues at Macomb Corners Park

U.S.S.S.A Men’s & CoEd – E

On Sunday Evenings beginning July 12, 2020 the Macomb Township Parks and Recreation Department will offer Men’s and CoEd U.S.S.S.A E level softball leagues. The leagues take place at Macomb Corners Park on Fields 4, 5, 6 and teams are guaranteed 8 league games. Your team fee includes game balls and a U.S.S.S.A sanction fee paid directly to MI U.S.S.S.A by Macomb Township Parks and Recreation on your behalf. Being sanctioned allows you to enter U.S.S.S.A tournaments throughout the state over the course of the season should you choose to play. Uniforms with numbers are recommended but not required. Rosters are limited to a 20 player maximum.
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Softball Paperwork

Sunday Evenings

SPRING/SUMMER 2020 USSSA E Level Softball Leagues
Men’s – Registration Number: 222902-A
CoEd – Registration Number: 222902-B
Mandatory Managers Meeting: Tuesday July 7 at 6:30pm at Rec Center

Team Fee: $485 ($100 deposit due upon registration).
Umpire Fee: $15 cash a game per team to umpire.
Non-Resident Fee: $535 (Less than 50% of roster is non-residents
of Macomb Twp.)

Game Times: 5:00pm, 6:10pm, 7:20pm and 8:30pm
Next League Starts: Sunday July 12, 2020

Past Softball Champs

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