Application Packets

All applications shall be completed and submitted with proper payment (as indicated in the application) in an envelope stating “Attention: Planning Department,” the project name, and type of project on the outside of the envelope and placed in the night drop off box at the back of the building at Macomb Township Hall at 54111 Broughton Road, Macomb Township, MI  48042 (alternatively the package can be dropped off with the Planning Department at Town Hall, or mailed to this address). No plans or supplemental information is required with the submittal of the check, just the application. In addition to this hard copy submittal, A PDF OF THE APPLICATION, A COPY OF THE CHECK, AND ANY/ALL PLANS AND SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION MUST BE EMAILED TO This includes all information required for all items listed in the checklist within the application. Once the package is received and we have verified confirmation of payment, the submittal will be reviewed. If additional information is required, Planning Department staff will contact you via email or phone with additional instructions.

If you would like to meet with staff before submitting any application we are more than happy to accommodate such a meeting. In fact, we encourage it! Please call or email us to schedule a meeting.

Site Development Applications




        Technical Change Review Application - Please speak with the Planning Department

Address Assignments

Forms Coming Soon

Town Center Pre-Application Conference Packet

Town Center Preliminary Review Application

Traditional Neighborhood Development Final Review Application

Consent Judgement Form

Master Deed & Amendments Form – must include master deed, bylaws, and exhibit B drawings

Land Division Variance