Tax Bill Information

The Tax Bill

The Macomb Township tax bill is a single sheet with a perforated portion on the bottom, that must be returned with payment, and a return envelope. Residents that have an escrow account with their mortgage company will receive a bill that states "Information Only - Retain for Tax Purposes" and will not contain a return envelope. Failure to receive your tax bill does not waive interest or penalty.

Winter Taxes

2021 winter taxes are payable from December 1 through February 14, 2022 without penalty. After February 14, 2022 a 3% late fee is assessed through February 28, 2022.


On March 1 all unpaid taxes will be forwarded as "delinquent" to the Macomb County Treasurer for payment, with additional penalties assessed by the Macomb County Treasurer's Department.

Summer Taxes

2022 summer taxes are payable July 1 through September 14 without penalty. After September 14 a 1% penalty is assessed through September 30. An additional 1% penalty is assessed each month from October 1 through February 28, 2023. Payments received without penalty will be applied as partial payments and penalties will continue to accrue on any outstanding balance. Failure to receive your tax bill does not waive interest or penalty.

Please note: The Macomb Intermediate School District, in compliance with the Regional Enhancement Millage Law (MCL.380.705) after receiving requests from districts representing 51 percent of Macomb County's student population authorized the voter approved 1.9 Enhancement Millage on the March 10, 2020 ballot.  This millage is part of the Summer Tax bill. Click here for more info.

Tax Deferments

Bill Payment

Taxes and water and sewer bill payments can be made in person with either cash, check or money order at the Macomb Township Treasurer's Office. Please bring your entire bill when paying in person. Fund transfers, debit, and credit card transactions at Town Hall are available at a self-serve computer kiosk (3% fee may apply).  You can also pay online by clicking here for details on tax payments for details on tax payments.

A secure drop box is also available for your convenience on a 24-hour basis at the top of the ramp entering the rear of Township Hall.

Property Tax Estimator

You can now access estimates on property taxes by local units and school districts. Click here.

Mortgage/Escrow Companies

It is important to make sure the Treasurer's Department has the request from the taxpayers mortgage/escrow company in writing for payment of your tax bill. It is the sole responsibility of you the taxpayer to see that your tax bill is paid on time by your mortgage/escrow company and not the responsibility of Macomb Township.

Making Changes to Property Tax Information

The Treasurer's Office will only make changes to escrow companies. All other change requests will be forwarded to the Assessing Department for completion.
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