Park Improvements

Parks are an integral part of our community. They’re the places we come together with friends and family to play and relax. Starting July 1, the Macomb Township Board allocated $1 million from the Public Improvement Fund as an investment in keeping our parks updated and beautiful.

New at Waldenburg Park

Waldenburg Park on 21 Mile Road was built in 2001 and no major improvements have been made. The first priority was getting a swing set installed. A swing set was a necessary upgrade to complement the great play structure. A brand-new basketball court surface, hoops and rims were installed. Plus, picnic tables under the pavilion and around the circle at the front were added.

Lighting was upgraded, bathroom doors and partitions were installed, cement pads around the playscape and basketball court were added, and fresh powder coating was applied.

New drinking fountains and more powder coating are planned for the park. 

New at Macomb Corners Park

At Macomb Corners Park, plenty of projects have been finished but the most exciting stuff is yet to come. The inline skating rink behind the play structure was transformed into pickleball and basketball courts. A new playscape will be added and new scoreboards will be installed at all six baseball diamonds.

On top of all the exciting improvements at the existing Macomb Township parks, work is moving forward on Pitchford Park. On September 21, construction work for the new park went out for bid. This brings us one step closer to this park being a reality. 

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