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Parks and Recreation Special Events Survey

  1. Macomb Township Parks and Recreation Special Events Survey
  2. 3. Overall, how would you rate the event?
  3. 4. How likely are you to recommend the event to a friend?
  4. 7. How much value for the money was the event?
  5. 8. How unique was the event?
  6. 9. How organized was the event
  7. 10. How clean was the event?
  8. 11. How friendly was the staff?
  9. 12. How helpful was the staff?
  10. 13. How safe did you feel at the event?
  11. 14. Prior to the event, how much of the information that you needed did you get?
  12. 15. Was the event length too long, too short, or about right?
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