About Parks and Recreation

In 1997 a millage was passed to create a Parks and Recreation Department in Macomb Township. The department began operation in 1998. In 2001 the Township’s first park was opened. Waldenburg Park is an eighteen acre parcel equipped with a boundless playground, picnic shelter, basketball court and a half mile nature path that leads through the park in all its’ natural beauty. 

2004 was a big year for this department, as both the Recreation Center and Macomb Corners Park opened on the same day. The Macomb Township Recreation Center is a 92,000 square foot state of the art facility complete with a fitness center, 2 gymnasiums, 3 birthday party rooms, 2 aerobics rooms, an indoor playground, meeting space, a feature pool, an activity pool, a lazy river, water slide and a hot tub. The Recreation Center staff prides itself in providing a safe, clean, family-friendly environment. The Recreation Center is visited by several hundred people daily and several hundred thousand people per year. Macomb Corners Park is a 94 acre sports complex. The amenities include 6 baseball diamonds, 8 soccer fields, 2 sand volleyball courts, an inline skating rink and a one mile path throughout the park. Macomb Corners Park is also home to our Music in the Park series and our Movie Under the Stars event. 

The Parks and Recreation Department is extremely proud of all our amenities as well as all the programs we offer to our residents. We continue to look for more park land and will strive to stay on the cutting edge of providing quality recreational opportunities for all ages.

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